Digtal Trunked Solutions

2G / 3G / 4G (LTE) /5G (2020)

Digtal Trunked Solutions

TETRA-T 800MHz 300-470MHz Tetra Basestation Dispatcher Voice Logger AVLS Network Management Network Planning Outdoor and Indoor Coverage - Tetra Portable units - Tetra Mobile units - Tetra Bidirectional Amplifier Site preparation


3G/4G Platform & Next Generation Infrastructure - Services Delivery Platform (SDP) - Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD Gateway)w - Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT) - Operating Services System (OSS) - Intelligent Network - Application Services - Core Network - Data Network - Convergence Billing - Value Added Services - Number Portability Service - WIMAX - Location Base Solutions Private 2.5G GSM Network System and Subscriber Private 4G LTE Core Network with Macro Cell Base Station Dynamic Content Delivery Base on always on integrated Communication Next Generation Browser & Open Portal Content Services Platform Extend Media Highly flexibility and readily customizable to the unique requirement of individual customers : follow 3GPP/3GPP2/OMA Standard Mobile Convergence for UCC Services Design for the new paradigm of coexisting high speed data services include HSDPA, Mobile WiMAX MMSC and MMS Client Base on 3GPP/3GPP2/OMA Standard extensive in-depth knowledge

TETRA (Digital Tetra Trunking System) TETRA System : Subscriber units: TETRA TERMINAL TETRA Modem DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Mobile Units Portable Units DMR Modem SmartNet II (Analog Trunking System) CODEPLUG Modification Spare Parts Conventional Radio | System Trunk SmartNet I , II , IIi | System Services Spare parts and Subscriber Trunking MPT1327 | System and Subscriber Trunking TETRA | System and Subscriber Trunking iDEN Harmony | System and Subscriber

GPS Tracking System/ on Mobile or TETRA Telemetry Remote Measurement, Reporting and Send data over the GSM or TETRA network

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